Lazy Sundays with NASH

Melissa and I fostered this little guy named Nash! He's super sweet, but it takes him a little bit to warm up to you and build mutual trust. Once he does, though, he's a lovebug. Look how he does on one of our typical Sundays! He fits right in at our place and gets along well with Cooper, but he's still looking for his permanent home.

We found Cooper and are fostering Nash through an organization called Homeward Trails. They do great work and we are super grateful for everything they do. Check out Homeward Trails for more info on how to adopt Nash or others just like him!

Daily Commutes

I was becoming a bit frustrated with only really using my camera in the evening and on weekends, so I decided to bring it along with me one day. I work in downtown DC. I take the train and then I walk a bit. PERFECT time to have a camera in hand and try to make a good image, especially since the day to day commute can be so mundane. You get so used to it that it's hard to imagine finding anything in it that is interesting. I think it's a great exercise, particularly for photographers that don't already specialize in street photography and that is (without oversimplifying) what you DO. I think it really strengthens the eye to look for and make a really great image in unexceptional circumstances. I think I'll bring my camera along with me more...

DC Brunching

Melissa is incredibly patient whenever I bring my camera along with us to go out somewhere. The trick is to make sure she has food and 1-3 mimosas FIRST and THEN I guess it's much easier to stomach my obnoxious picture taking. She also got a fancy new bag with her fancy new initials monogrammed on the side, so she was more tolerant than usual.

Cooper BTS

This actually happened (a couple of months ago now): I had some equipment set up for a client - afterwards you better believe I used it to take about 1,000 pictures of COOPER. Don't make fun because THIS IS MY LIFE! It is incredible how vain my dog is. Witness: